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Order of Precedence

The Order of Precedence (OP) lists the various awards given out by the Crown in recognition of an individual's contribution to the College or Kingdom.

If there are any problems with your listing -- an incorrect spelling, a missing award -- please contact the webscribe. If you want to find out what can be given, see this page on Lochac's awards. If one of these awards seems appropriate for someone you know, but is not listed here, consider recommending them for an award. The Barony of Southron Gaard has information about how to do this here (but of course there's no need to cc the B&B of Southron Gaard for St Aemigdius award recommendations!).

Other OPs which might prove to be of interest are the Darton Order of Precedence, the Crescent Isles Order of Precedence, and the Lochac Order of Precedence (Canon Lore).

Name Awards and Honours Armory
  • Essyllt verch Edenevet
  • Hanna Mason
  • Golden Tear, 18th November, A.S. XLIV
  • Award of Arms, 3rd February, A.S. XLII
  • Ulrich von Mannheim
  • Matt Oswin
  • Golden Sword, 4th February, A.S. XLIV
  • Wreath of Chivalry, 2nd May, A.S. XLIV
  • Wreath of Valour, 10th May, A.S. XLIII
  • Award of Arms, 10th May, A.S. XLIII
  • Jennett de la Montaigne
  • Anna Stuart
  • Golden Lily, 2nd February, A.S. XLV
  • Award of Arms, 10th July, A.S. XLV
  • Thomas "Dons' Bane" of Darton
  • Tom Cole
  • Provost of Lochac, 11th May, A.S. XLIII
  • Award of Arms, 11th May, A.S. XLIII
  • Ioannes Varangopoulos
  • Chris de Lisle
  • Award of Arms, 18th November, A.S. XLIV
  • Corinna Roussin
  • Gabrielle Wright
  • Award of Arms, 4th February, A.S. XLIV
  • Diego Alonso Morena
  • Ben Wells
  • Silver Helm, 4th Feburary, A.S. XLV
  • Award of Arms, 10th July, A.S. XLV

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