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  The College of St Aemigdius


Events Calendar

The College is not currently active - please see our main page for more information.

Below are events of interest to Aemigdians, regardless of whether or not they are officially sponsored by the College. A number of activities are held regularly, such as fighters' practices, and arts and sciences meetings. Others are annual or one-off events, such as feasts, tournaments, and camps.

If you are not yet involved with the SCA but would like to attend any of the listed events, we'd be happy to see you. For more information, contact our Seneschal, Jennett of St Aemigdius, or join the St Aemigdius Discussion list.

Upcoming Events

Special events, such as feasts, dances and revels, both close to home and distant. Pencil these dates, where available, in your diary. Further information will be posted as it comes available.

Regular Events

Arts & Sciences

Arts and Sciences meetings take place weekly on Mondays, at 7pm in Meeting Room 1 of the Student Union Building at the Kelburn Campus. These meetings may include discussions, classes, workshops, and project evenings. Garb is not required and this is a great place for newcomers to come to get to know College members and learn about the SCA.

Fighters' Practice

Fighters' practices take place weekly on Thursdays from 7pm in the Dance Studio at the Karori Campus. These include both heavy combat (in full armour) and rapier (much like fencing). Newcomers are welcome, and some loaner gear is available.

Darton Fighters Practice

Darton has a weekly fighter practice on Sunday mornings at 10am in the park on the corner of Curtis St and Whitehead St in Karori. Currently this is just attended by heavy fighters.

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